OER is No Easy Adoption


The top challenges to using OERs according to survey respondents, who are typically e-learning administrators, are:

  • time needed to locate/evaluate resources (76 percent)
  • lack of faculty awareness (70 percent)
  • lack of ancillary materials (45 percent)
  • credibility of sources (45 percent)
  • resistance from administration (10 percent)

OER Workshop at WCC

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October 6, 2017, Westchester Community College hosted a SUNY regional all-day workshop on Open Educational Resources (OER), which are teaching, learning and research resources that students can freely access and use.  SUNY OER Services will bring together faculty and librarians from various SUNY campuses to discuss the utilization of Open Educational Resources throughout SUNY.

• Larry Chase, Business (Tompkins Cortland CC)
• Sophia Georgiakaki, Math (Tompkins Cortland CC)
• Amber Gilewski, Social Sciences (Tompkins Cortland CC)
• Jessica Kelly, STEM (Herkimer CC)
• Talia Lipton, Humanities (Rockland CC)
• Steve Mezik, Science (Herkimer CC)
• Bruce Schwabach, Humanities (Herkimer CC


SUNY OER – Affordable Learning Systems

oer_logo_EN_1Peruse SUNY OER services and contact an EER Member to further assist.


In response to the growing impact of Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption across SUNY, the Open SUNY Textbook (OST) project, originally launched from SUNY IITG, is offering services to support wide faculty adoption of OER that can be effectively sustained, improved and shared, as well as delivered to students to give them the day-one access to course materials they need for academic success. Our OER services will continue to include supporting the development of new, original low-cost learning materials for SUNY students, using a financial model that any SUNY campus can easily join. These new and continuing services provide faculty with a common platform to remix, revise, reuse, redistribute, and retain openly-licensed content from any source, including their own original works.
SUNY OER Services is a scaled-up, networked, and sustainable approach to digital learning and publishing within the SUNY system, using curated OER content, faculty course supports, and instructional technology development and design.

SUNY OER Resources

Open_Textbooks_Cyril_OberlanderEER members have been speaking with Mark McBride (Library Senior Strategist, Office of Library and Information Services @ SUNY System Administration, formerly at Monroe Comm Coll) and Alexis Clifton (Executive Director, SUNY OER Services) on how WCC can benefit by partnering with SUNY OER Services. From the conversations it was suggested that EER solicit faculty members interested in designing courses that integrate OER textbooks or Blackboard integrated open courseware packages.  Faculty members who participate will help develop professional development seminars on OER course development.  There may be a possibility of acquiring professional development funds for this initiative from SUNY.

Any WCC faculty member interested in the OER initiative please contact EER members Norma Katz, Deb Krikun or Hector Graciano

Links for Open Course & Open Textbook links:




Links for Open Courseware in SUNY’s Blackboard system:



IMG_0815.PNGMeaningful assessment of student learning, beyond tests and grades, befuddles even seasoned educators. Are students really absorbing what they’re being taught, and will they remember it later on? How can that be measured and compared nationally? Those questions, among others, drive the work of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, which today released a report on what it calls a “groundbreaking approach” to assessing student learning.


Lumens and SUNY OER

Adopt/adapt – Tell us about your course & needs and we will connect you with practices and people that can help you find and adapt existing OER courses. Build – Need something a little more customized? There might be multiple books, websites, and courses out there that will fit your needs. We will work with you to locate, select, and integrate the content that can best support your course objectives. Create – Have you written course materials you want to openly license and share? Are you looking to develop some new material to use in your class? We offer an easy to use platform where you can write, edit, collaborate, and publish! In addition, we connect you with support throughout the development process, coordinate peer review, and provide access to formatting and editing services.
SUNY OER Resources


  • Affordability: Low-cost support delivers thousands in textbook cost savings every term – The Lumen team has been paramount in our success with OER thus far. They have introduced us to so many resources, supported us in getting started, supporting us in building the courses we want to build, and now they are supporting us in our future endeavors.
    Lumen Resources

SUNY IITG – 2017 Application

SUNY has awarded over $2.8 Million in Innovative Instruction Technology Grants (IITG) to faculty, librarians, and instructional support professionals in support of the Chancellor’s “Power of SUNY.” Since 2012, this program has been highly successful in demonstrating how campus based ideas can be effectively shared and scaled across multiple campuses and sectors.

For more information and Request for Proposals (RFP)

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